Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Finally - something to report.

Made it out to the woods today with TheO and some very grateful pooches.

4.1 miles in 37.25
9.21 average pace

10.30 for 1.1 miles

Could have gone faster at the end but was following TheOther and think I held back a touch ... got back to the car to discover that they had run 3.6 miles, not 3.1 as expected so I shouldn't have felt so bad about catching up with them. Was furious with myself for not really pushing it at the end - might have knocked another 30 seconds or so off my time... grrrrrr

A real reminder that running is personal and I shouldn't make assumptions for someone else, I should just run my own training plan and not get into weird mental tangles about someone else's pride etc. Just to be clear - TheO is not particularly fragile in the ego department, but I know I'd still feel a bit down if myotherhalf ran 4 miles in the time I ran 3! I wanted to make it a more encouraging experience full stop as they don't enjoy running very much, they're just doing to increase stamina in other sports and keep the ole heart ticking over nicely.

However, I was really chuffed as this was my first 2 sub-9min miles in a row in the real world (rather than on the elliptical machine). My legs do feel like I really pushed them, as did my lungs but I just LOVE THAT FEELING.

As my speed increases (in tiny little increments) I find that my ability to do the magical negative splits (which I've previously found no problem) decreases. Did anyone else find this problem as they got faster? Answers please.

On a final note how goddamn hot (well tepid) was it in Scotland today. I was in 3/4 tights and a thin long-sleeved sports top and I was boiling, had to keep pouring my water over my head (thank god there's no-one to see that horrible sight). The buttercups are out everywhere and the rabbits are fighting on the lawn like it's time for their spring-fling. Weird things are afoot my friends.

Now I've written this I expect snow is imminent.

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