Sunday, 14 June 2009

A v good day.

Now I'm not just about the running, I'm also all about the handbags and shoes. That might be why today goes down as a v good day.

This morning I bounded out of bed at high speed (after a crappy night with not enough sleep, any time you go to bed and the birds are already awake... you know is not going to work well) to desperately try and get the mower going. My last hope was to charge the battery over night and try it in the morning. I knew we had plans for later in the day, and it was due to pour for about 2 days - so it was now or never. Luckily everything worked like a dream - I managed to finish the mowing about 5min before RF arrived. Another big job ticked off for a few days at least. (Damn grass - just keeps growing.)

We three headed out for a mammoth shop of House of Bruar. The place is a labyrinth of loveliness. And not only did TheO get RF some bday presents (as her gift was SHUNNED I tell you, SHUNNED ... okay, when asked if she wanted to exchange them, she didn't say no) which are truly lovely; she also spoiled me! I got a stunning dark brown bag (see below) I've been lusting after online for weeks, and a fantasticly simple and stylish pair of shoes that might stop me wandering rouund in muddy crocs the whole time whilst small children run up to me and say, "I've got those shoes." Whilst this is sweet, it's not great form for a 30yr old who is neither in her garden or on holiday.

But it really wasn't just the shopping that made it a good day - we just pottered, wandered and enjoyed each others company. We found that there was fantastic food there, and a range of cakes which almost stumped us for choice. (It got quite sad, we had to stand back and keep waving people passed us as we just. could. not. choose. - hmmmmm.) I also managed to get TheO a necklace she really liked - some simple pearl/beads in different greens and creams, it suits her perfectly. Picking up a few pieces for supper at the deli topped off our trip and we all headed home delighted.

Once home I got all the chores done and began to regret the cake, and regret how lazy I was becomming. It's been all too easy to be 'busy' and therefore not go for a run. As it was a lovely clear evening, not too warm, and I thought it would be a shame not to put it to good use.

I headed out telling myself I would try for 5 miles as it's been far, far, too long since I ran that distance. (7 weeks!) I also told myself that even 4 would be fine, as I haven't been running much. After 2 miles I knew I could turn and head home, but when it's only another half mile to the turn around it seems churlish to stop. I told myself that if the worst came to it I could always walk the last bit home. Then it struck me; as thoughts often do when you're running alone and your brain has time to empty and refil at will; I needed to run 5 miles, I needed to set myself targets and attain them, I need to enjoy the little accomplishments, enjoy getting things done rather than the (occasionally complete arse) slog of doing them. Running gives me those small accomplishments. I can complete a run that was: longer than my last/hillier than my last/faster than my last/just better than sitting on my arse. Today I felt that accomplishment and also felt like I'd mentally turned a corner; I like getting things done so why winge about doing them, I like having a nice place to live and if that takes some work sobeit. This doesn't mean I'll never winge again as soon as the next large electrical item packs-in, but I might try a little more prespective. (This is beginning to sound a little too optimistic... I might try just not letting it ruin my day; got to try and start small.)

With all that in mind, and a healthy dose of bag-love (blove) on the side I bring you the stats for today's run: 5 miles, 48.35 - avg 9.41 a mile. De-fucking-lighted!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Still slacking

Now, when you read - you'll understand the slackerage. But really, I need to get my arse in gear.

I've managed a lovely night our for dinner with HH, Tigger and Badger who were all in delightful form. Hastily thrown together by TheO as HH was having a nightmare set of hours and stress at work. Luckily she's getting to the end of the tough bit.

I've spent 2 days cleaning the house - in very vigerous and determined style - things have been cleaned that hadn't had a proper going over since we moved in! (Eeeeek) And as I had to shower after doing it, it definitely counted as exercise!

Then MaYa turned up, with her 3 boys. And my were they the most deliciously delightful that they've ever been. Apart from Eldest running in on arrival and throwing his arms around me and saying, "I'm soooooo happy to be here!"; they all were incredibly good. Now this was aided by Aunty Fun and mygoodself. We took them to an activity park on their first day. Huge swings, slides, castle, go-carts, zip line, tramploines, the whole lot. They loved it and ran themselves compeltely ragged - as did we. A double go-cart peddling up hill on gravel with a heavy boy in tow is no easy feat.

The next day we took them to Butterfly World. Less of a 'world', more of a 'big-green-house'. It was identical to when I was last there - 20 years ago (the horror of that statement has still not left me). The boys loved it, even Middlist was impressed by the creatures, the flowers, the fish and everything else. The very best bit was handling the creatures though. A giant millipede, a python and a tarantula were all presented for handling - it was brilliant. I'd never held a snake before! And I'm never holding a tarantula - thought I'd be ok - but TheO took great joy in being 'brave and unconcerned Auntie'. I'm still in awe.

On our way back from Butterfly World, Blarney and Spartan were kind enough to invite us to see the new babe - and my, were they brave when they invited in MaYa and all of her brood. MaYa was DESPERATE to see them and it all worked out well. They were marvellous for those who'd been home from the hospital all of 24h. Luckily they survived our visit and the joy of seeing them both ok, and meeting the new babybel was spectacular. I think both grandmothers were doing a fine job of being incredibly helpful, and slightly taken aback by the vast number of us.

On their final day of the Islanders visit our Neighbour brought her pony round and the boys got pony rides in the garden. It was pretty magical. Until the moment we realised middlist was seriously allergic to horses and his eyes swelled up horribly. Poor boy had to go inside, wash, and be comforted with milk ("in microwave" was asked for), and a dummy. Luckily the swelling did go down, but he was a little miserable.

They pushed off after lunch and we breathed a huge sigh and collapsed. But not for long as our neighbours were coming round for dinner. As I felt truly dreadful for a bit, TheO did sterling service and both went shopping and rustled up a huge chilli. Neighbours walked in with strawberries and champagne - a delight.

Making up for the lack of juneathon proper we went to circuits last night and knackered ourselves completely. It was hard work, and I'm horribly overweight at present - AND horribly out of shape. Must do better. Off to do some yoga before going out.

Juneathon days completeed: 8/12

Friday, 5 June 2009

JUNEATHON - the shrunk post

So, I've been lax, but it really is time, yet again, for Juneathon. JoggerBlogger even had the niceness to do a logo. We're really v organised this year - as JogBlog has listed us all too!

So, I'm going to try and be on-top of the blogging (and the exercise too). So let me start by hastily squishing the last 5 days into one measly post - a bit like when you take your jeans out of the dryer and you convince yourself you haven't put any weight on, they've just shrunk 'more than usual'...

1. I started well - 51min of Wii Fit - doing all the proper exercises and yoga, and weight bearing - not just playing games! Definitely harder than it looks. Reminded me I do need to do more yoga.

2. Seriously hard core gardening - mowing, and raking for hours (and hours), as well as digging, weeding and carrying compost around. Not just pottering - a proper work out.

3. Damn, I don't think clipping the dogs can count. It's hard, but to count it as exercise would be cheating. So I'll just label myself a loser and move on... even if I did get sunburn.

4. To even more loser-ville. Now, I did do a lot of walking, more than your average desk-bound person would have done in a day - but it was round shops and really, cannot, under any circumstances count. Damn - this doesn't look good.

5. Ta-da! I went to the gym despite moving furniture all day and being knackered. 4 miles run, all at 1% all at 9.30 or faster (ended up averaging 9.27 a mile) - was quite pleased. The first 2 miles are definitely the hardest, then the body seems to remember what to do. Still makes me feel like a much nicer, happier, livelier person. Running definitely rocks.

Now off to bed. Might have a bike ride tomorrow. Or a bit more Wii Fit. Or a run. Or some yoga. I love Juneathon, it helps me to focus on the fact that I quite like exercise really, and it gives you so much more energy to enjoy the rest of the day. *

*Please don't kick me out of Juneathon.... please. I am trying. :-)

No, the microwave risotto didn't kill me.

I know that you'll all have been concerned that I haven't managed to update in quite some time.

Ma came to stay - delightful, was bitten by the gardening bug in her presence, mostly as we went to see such beautiful places... gets you thinking.

Spent a w/end with Spartan and Blarney trying to distract them from impending parenthood and looming decorating. Antiquing played a lovely role in this.

Wheeler and RF visited and returned The Strimmer of Dooom. So I naturally had to spend the following days srtimming, raking and trying to make the garden look controlled.

ManU lost the champions league.
Another amazing w/end with Ceegar and Meeper - see details on TheO's blog. We ate. A lot.

Neighbour took pity on my lawn (and me, I hope) as the big mower had to be sent away for yet more fixing; and we mowed for hours...

I clipped the pooches, and later that night they had a huge fight in the garden. Had to have an emergency vets apt at 11pm. Luckily dogs ok, and vet lovely.

Blarney didn't pop the sprog so TheO distracted her with the pinkest of pink shoes. (I go greeeeen when I see them.) God bless Harvey Nicks, and places that serve coffee and cake!

Today I also, finally, only 7 months after moving in, got all of my workshop set-up in one location. With power, and the usual crappy heating. It feels v v good to have got it all done, and to finally know where everything is. Might stop me being such a grumpy bugger.