Thursday, 11 January 2007

Finally - a 'speed' session! 03rd November, 2006

Writing a blog is the strangest of all diary forms. It's public, but it's private. It feels like bragging when things go well - but it's not; if we were all terribly British and said that everyday was 'ok' or 'fine' then the blogs would make rubbish reading. The successes of others are so incredibly inspiring - reading back through a blog and seeing what everyone can or has achieved drives me to set myself more goals and try desperately to achieve them. Commiserating when others have a bad day and nothing goes their way also make our own bad days a bit less negative as we know they are universal. And if all else fails we can blog the occurance and get it 'out there' so it stops driving us crazy. (I still haven't got any Star-$'s vanilla syrup... not that I'm obsessing in anyway!!!)

I realise this is a bit of a tangent from the running log but I feel that how important the blogging has become as part of my running has really surprised me. As soon as I'm done and returning home I think about taking my 10min out and sitting to write the blog - it's the mental part of the physicality of running.

Okay - before this gets far too wordy on to today's run.

It's another milestone for me (hence the pre-amble).

5k in 29.52 (cutting it oh so close)

Average Pace was 9.39

Mile 1 - 9.30

Mile 2 - 9.34

Mile 3 - 9.57

0.1 of a mile - 0.49


This was really, really tough for me. It was NOT my natural running pace, it was all hard work but it felt great at the end. Completely lung-busting! However it also made it clear to me that I much prefer running at sub 11min/mile pace for a long way than running at sub 10 for a short way... I suspect this might all just be fitness related. (Maybe one day all my miles will be sub 10min.... what a thought.)

Now I know I can run 5k in sub-30min I just have to work at putting hills into that equation. Round Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh - not the zero elevation course I'm used to working with. I've got two months to get from sub-30 flat to sub-30 with hills. Wish me luck - I'm going to need it.

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