Thursday, 11 January 2007

Just waiting for the hot water... 08th November, 2006

I truly stink. I really do. I'm blogging before a bath in which I'm going to soak my very weary muscles.

Despite all training plans telling me to take it slow, that mileage should only be increased in 10% increments etc etc I decided to go for another big run this week and try and build on last week's success. I also know that as I'm away in London for 4 days I might eat more lard and run less for a few days so my muscles have time to recover from this present punishment.

I'm still buzzing although I'm starving - and might have to raid the fridge before TheOther makes me steak and baked potato (I'm drooling at the mere thought!) with loads of green veg. [Some Walkers Baked Crisp things have duly arrived in front of me. Carb me Up!]

Right: this morning I ate my toast, I missed the rain (miracle), I went for my long run sans TheOther or either dog. It's my selfish time, my time to run, and run, and run; and not think if someone has to wait for me back at the car, or wonder if the dog is happy. It's brilliant to do this mid-week as I don't then have to contend with the millions of dog-walkers and cyclists who use the forest too.

10 glorious miles - average pace 10.38 - total run 1.46.14 - this was well inside my estimated time of 1.50.00.

Splits were:




------- 5k - 31.54




------- 10k - 1.05.12






I'm over the moon that I managed to make them all genuinely sub-11min miles (rather than just an average). This was the first long run where I felt like I'd really stretched myself and I was delighted to stop. 9 miles plus was super tough and my legs were beginning to feel sore rather than just tired; I could feel my breathing getting a bit ragged too, so I had to really focus and get it smooth again.

When I stopped it was a bit like getting of a trampoline; my legs were walking but they were rising high and making running motions and I couldn't really stop them; I must have looked like a clown doing some silly walk preparations.

I'm so chuffed - and the new running gear did its thing admirably: the 3/4 tights are thicker than my other ones so they did well for the temperature. Under my super-light running jacket I had on a long-sleeved top for the first time ever - and I wasn't too hot (this was my major fear). I kept nice and toasty for the first 3-4miles and then the long sleeves stopped me from getting to cold in the shade. Made a nice change to being a bit parky the whole way round.

I'm off to get clean. Thanks for listening.
If anyone can recommend a small half-marathon in Scotland (east-coast for preference) in Feb/March/April please let me know. I've read bad things about the Forthside 1/2 - but I might still be interested as it fits in well. All advice welcome. (Can't believe I'm even considering this!)

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