Thursday, 11 January 2007

Clocks Shmocks, 29th October, 2006

First let me tell you how much I hate this time of year. I've just come back from Spain where it was lovely and light in the evenings; I move back one hour, then just as I'm depressed about how dark that is the clocks go and change! Hmph, and to top it all the forest park where I run changes its hours to suit winter time so I've got to run when it suits them, not me. Pah! And to top it all (again) I ran out of vanilla syrup - my morning saviour in my skinny latte.

So today was a perfect lazy Sunday where the weather was crisp and sunny. Got out the pathfinder book of local walks and took the long-suffering dogs on a brilliant off lead walk along the banks of the Tay across a pebble beach and through some stunning mixed woodland - it was perfect. Total exercise - 1hour of gentle rolling walking with the dogs. Might try and do a lovely long run tomorrow... maybe add a bit of distance to my 10k - finally feeling on top form again.

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