Thursday, 11 January 2007

Felt crap - went for run - felt better, 18th November, 2006

The title really does sum it all up. I woke up this morning with a slightly scratchy throat, sinuses feeling strange and a lovely dose of lethargy. After some coffee (but no brekkie) TheOther said they were going for a run, and did I want to come? I looked up from my chair, surrounded by duvet and suddenly couldn't stand the thought of not running. (Possibly the competitive beast inside me awoke at this moment.) So I chugged some water, obliterated a banana, and headed out the door.

Off we went (and the little dogs too) to the woods. It was a beautiful day, damn cold - just the way I like it. We decided it was only going to be a short run - just 5k. We headed off together, TheOther appeared to use me as a pace setter - and wow, the form was good today; I made it to the first mile in 10.01 which really surprised me as I felt like I was just pootling along quite happily. The second mile was 10.06 - then the competitive beast went bezerk and wanted me to get to 5k in under 30min - ("make it a proper speed session", the voice yelled in my head) so I upped the pace and finished in 31min flat. I was pleased with the run as at the 2 mile point I felt quite relaxed and would have been content to make it a longer session. I might have managed to increase my speed a little over the last week - which would be brilliant.

I have a confession to make: my name is SAM and I think I'm addicted to exercise. I think the buzz has got to me. After today I felt on top of the world - and I felt like it was just what my body and mind needed.

I feel a bit more rubbish now but TheOther just made me a hot toddy so I'm sure it'll all melt away soon.

I'm off to bathe and enjoy the rest of this 'lazy' weekend - enjoy yourselves, whatever you're up to this w/end.

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