Saturday, 13 January 2007

PBs and Paranoia, 21st December, 2006

Finally managed to fit a long run into the Christmas madness. The good news is the presents are bought and wrapped - all we need to get is a tree and some foooooood.

Run today was in the usual woods. 7 miles.

7 miles in 1:09:15

Average pace 9:53









My 10K time smashed 1min 26 seconds off my previous best - new time of 1:01:08. Think I might manage to get under that 1h barrier soon. All the resting and fine dining has obviously done me the power of good! Still need to work on upping my distance a bit as I feel I've let things slip a bit since the 1/2 16 days ago... Might have got the hang of consistent running though.

Oooo, exciting news; the lovely woman at the RNLI got in touch and I've got a charity place in the Forthside Half in April! It's so exciting and means I'm officially signed up to 3 out of my 4 races for next year. Still a bit nervous as I've never actually raced with other people. I hope I don't find it too intimidating, and busy... I'm so used to running on my own in deserted places where I have to think about nothing but my own breathing.

Just realised the title I gave this. There was a (probably very nice) bloke in the woods who overtook me TWICE on his bike which was a bit disconcerting so I think my speed on the way back was helped by a (I like to think) healthy paranoia for my own personal safety. I had the blackpooch with me, and she never noticed his silent bike until he'd gone past!

Merry Crimbo everyone.

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