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Happy, happy, happy, 08th October, 2006

Happy, happy, happy, 08th October, 2006

*Doing happy dance* - wish I was more technologically minded and could make a little emoticon that actually did the happy dance.

From this you have probably already gathered that yes, 10k (6.2miles) has been reached. I get so nervous before big runs, I always think I'm going to conk out after a mile (that or need to stop and pee... again).

Today I managed the following lap times:

Mile 1 - 10.28 (fastest mile in the real world - huge mistake)

Mile 2 - 11.36 (trying to overcompensate for mile 1)

Mile 3 - 11.55 (emmmm, no excuse here - just damn slow)

Mile 4 - 11.01 (realising pace has slipped - trying to correct it)

Mile 5 - 11.09 (nice, even pace)

Mile 6 - 11.25 (almost there)

0.2 of a mile - 1.53 (running at 9.38 min/mile pace - sprint finish)

Total: 1.09.29

Overall I am beyond delighted. I would like it to have been a little smoother and my 11.13 average pace to have been about 15seconds faster but I think that would be a little harsh on myself. Anything below 1.15 was going to rock my world.

Now can I share the pain - at about mile 4 I realised I was getting a blister. I was NOT going to stop, I was too far into the run to consider the hideousness of not finishing. Now I've taken off the offending trainer - eurrrrghhhhh it's about 2cm across and on the inside edge of my right foot 4cm back from the big toe. It looks like it might burst at any second... what should I do? Any advice welcome.

I'm off for a long shower and a gentle recovery, with a massive smile on my face.

Congratulations also have to go out to 'the other' who managed 5k in a stunning 32min! And that was while having both dogs to look after.

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