Saturday, 13 January 2007

Charity ... 29th November, 2006

After much thought I've changed charities. Mostly because I thought I'd been treated very shabbily. I know they are busy people, I know answering phones all day can be tedious but when you're told something will be done - it should be done.

I contacted Shelter 3 months ago to say I wanted to run for them and would like a runner’s pack. My first contact was by email. The email resulted in two identical leaflets - neither of which I wanted. So I called them to request exactly the same thing. They were polite and helpful. I've emailed twice since then to ask where the pack is and to request the same thing... nothing. I give to Shelter on a monthly basis, I'm not asking for a bonded place in anything ... I'm paying for all my races myself - all I want from them is the fundraising runners pack. If they'd have replied at all it would have been great.

Am I being harsh?

I've moved across to the RNLI - this was an emotional decision as my great grandfather was a coxswain for them and my whole family are closely tied to the RNLI. I wanted my charity to be a mental rather than an emotional decision. But now I just want to run and raise some cash for a fantastic organisation. They don't claim to have a running department or to have a runners pack so anything they can provide will be great - it's a case of having no expectations.

I've read about lots of runners being treated in an offhand and slack manner by their chosen charities - it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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