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Wow, was it hard today!, 10th October, 2006

Wow, was it hard today!, 10th October, 2006

I'm pretending that today was just really hard and not a set back. I'm trying to go with glass-half-full. I started off on my usual 5k run - I knew I wanted it to be a speed (all I mean by this is faster paced than usual) session.

I managed the first mile in just under 10min (9.56). My half-way point of 1.5miles was 15min. So I was maintaining a pace about 30 seconds faster than usual. This was definitely progress. The next five minutes of walking were not progress. I was just knackered and considered that after a big run I might just need two days off running (maybe one day off and one gym day?).

But once I'd gathered myself I then did the next mile in 9.57. So 2.5 miles 'speedwork'. While I was running I kept trying to mix-up the pace and pretend I was fartleking (sp?) - it's just so hard when you're not running at a steady pace.

Just feel like it was harder than it should have been

Thank god for COMPEED - the blister is doing well and didn't really hurt today - that might have been the last straw.

The little golden anchor did not live up to her name today - she trotted beautifully behind me for the first 1.5 miles then pulled me homeward with some vigour. (Think she might have been trying to tell me something.)

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