Thursday, 11 January 2007

Ups & Downs,16th October, 2006

Since my last run on the 12th the exercise level has been a little lower than usual.

A lovely but very, very, short beach walk with the dogs - probably about 1mile. Then, Saturday's (14th) epic climb. To celebrate 'the other's' birthday we climbed East Lomond. We parked (wonderful car park about 1/2 way up the hill/mountain) and started our mission to the peak.

It took about 30-40min to get to the top - which was properly steep and involved using feet AND hands to get up the steepest bits. Lung-bustingly good fun though. Not the best ever view due to the mist which was swirling about in the valley - but the sun kept peeking out and giving wonderful views of Falkland.

I was terrified about getting down as I am properly scared of heights and had just steeled myself not to look down on the way up. However, we were heading down into Falkland to get some pub lunch so we were heading down the other side which was mercifully much more gentle. The walk down also involved a wonderful wander through some woods and gentle paths rambling down into the village. There were far too many of those hideous woodland steps. You know the ones too high to walk down easily, too wide to take one stride per step - just bloody irritating - and they make the legs work way too hard!

It was about 2.4miles total - but measured by gps so it doesn't give any idea of the distance UP the way... think it might have been a bit longer if flattened out. And it took us about 1h 40min at a relatively gentle but not dawdling pace.

Sunday we just chilled out. But mygoodness, having never climbed a hill before (not one that steep) can I just say that there are bits of my thighs that feel like someone used them as a punching bag. I definitely need to do some more (or any) hill training.

Great experience though and helped to combat the vast amount of birthday food and cake that was consumed over the w/end. Off to Spain on Thursday so have to get some serious exercise done before then - but I'm taking my trainers with me.

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