Saturday, 12 June 2010

Every year..

I suck at Juneathon. And yet every year I keep coming back for more. It is the great unfinished race for me. The blot on my landscape.

I keep 'doing stuff' (summarised below) but life keeps taking the sodding piss and distracting me. No kidding.

However Wednesday:
2.2m dog walk
And I'm pretty sure I went to the gym and ran 5K. How flaky is that - I can't even remember... but I'm sure I did...
Thursday: a shocking 1.5m dog walk.
Friday: Improvement - a 2m dog walk then in the gym a hilly 2m run in 17.48; then the fully tummy series and the full arms series. (Proper exercise!)

So really, I'm not doing that badly, but I'm also not doing too well. Will try and get better - but life is v hectic.

Although, despite the Juneathon thing it is nice to be back in the habit of blogging. Even if it's just drivel. Even if I'm not running far enough and I have to get into training for the Coll Half marathon. Bugger - should start planning that now. Eeek.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Messing with perfection

Well after the delight that was Sunday's exercise regime ...

Monday included a 4mile dog walk round Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh - seriously hilly...
Tuesday was a 2.2mile dog walk.

So I am managing some exercise - but not enough!
Will try and rectify this tomorrow. (And tomorrow, and tomorrow).

But I have lots of work to catch up on. Damn, might have to go to bed early and make a sharp-ish start tomorrow....

Sounds hideous.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Got it all worked out.

So - it's a day where I have both exercised (properly) and am blogging before midnight. Who knew I was capable of this feat? (Not me.)

The exercise:
A 2mile dog walk in the pouring rain (shows commitment) followed IMMEDIATELY by -

1m in 8.48 (Aerobic setting 1) on the treadmill
2.2m on the bike (took 10min) - exercise score '46' - whatever that means
1m on the arm bike in 5.25 (resistance level 5)
Full tummy series
1 mile on the elliptical, crossramp 19 - 11.50 time
Full arm series

Did work hard, but did also take it slowly moving between exercises - this could not have been called 'circuits'; more like 'ambles'. Had lunch too late (and too close to exercise) to make my body happy about doing any sustained distance running. But feel better for working the whole body out. My muscles will ache tomorrow. Sunday exercise feels like an act of worship, so quiet in the gym, and Friday Night Comedy (from Radio4) on the ipod makes the time scoot past.

Off to make myself a little less skanky - and dry some v wet dogs... it's an exciting life.

ps If I lived close enough I'd bribe jogblog with wine too - lets hope Juneathon isn't fixed! :-)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Right day (for posting) Wrong Exercise

It was hot - I was pathetic.
2 mile "jog" no time, no watch, not much bloody effort. Pathetic.

Also 2m dog walk.

I'm a rubbish Junathoner - but tomorrow I'm going to do LOADS... just you wait and see.

Abject failure

I don't think walking round the shops for 2 hours counts - even if it was in heels.

And then letting the neighbours get me drunk... it was a work out for the liver, just not for the rest of me.

A lovely day - but not a great Juneathon.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Day 3 - honest.

Day 3 was good as exercise went. Then I ended up working 'til 3.30am ... and neglecting to blog.Damn - I'll get this sorted at somepoint this month.

Exercise was: 2.4m dog walk
2mile run on Crosscountry 1 setting in 17.37
Then 40 crunches
Then 2 sets of 12 tricep exercises. (one with weight 10, one with weight 12).
Then I kept wondering why my shoulders hurt.

Now I'm more tired than is right. But lots of things were achived. And today I can just chill out and take RF shopping for her bday treat.

Juneathon is bloody brilliant for focus though. And the good news is I *might* be getting better!

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Alright 1.5m dog walk it'll have to be... it was exercise - it did involve a big hill and it was done in 26min (fast right?).

But I'll admit I was aiming for more - I was aiming for at least TWO dog walks...
Oh, and I did do a couple of press ups.
But I might be stretching now. Oh, I could actually do some stretching...

I'll say that day 2 was a success as I:
1. did something
2. posted it before I turned into a pumpkin.

Swear I'll do loads tomorrow.
Proper pinkie swear.

Day one!!!!

I haven't gone to sleep yet. So as far as my personal rules go this counts as the first post on the first day of JUNEATHON.

I decided to go all out and ignore the lingering illness. And jeeze, is it lingering!

Dog walk - 1.5miles
Gym: 5k 27.07 on Aerobic1 setting

Full arm series with free weights (now, as it's Juneathon I'll detail what this entails- then I can just use shorthand).
This is: 3 sets of 12 reps of the following exercises.
8 weight shoulder pull up
6 weight bicep curl
10 weight two arm tricep lower from above head to shoulder blades

Also full tummy series - this is:
20 crunches
20 right oblique crunches
20 left oblique crunches
20 double leg raises
20 crunches

Feel much better for getting back to the gym. Gives me faith I might finally shake those 25 extra lb ... Maybe not ALL this month.

Also drove 120miles - this should be some form of exercise, but it might be hard to get that past the judges.

Night night!

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010


That last post was written at about 1am on June 1st - so don't be thinking that's my post for the day... oh no. I'll do real exercise, and real writing before the day is out... mark my words.

Come hell - or high water.

Right - June is going to rock. I've decided.

Juneathon will give me a new body, and a new attitude will be mine. (See how optimistic that shit is! Looks like a new attitude to me.)
Despite still having the "virus from hell" I'm going to give it my all. I've been managing 1 gym visit a week; but also walking 15-20miles a week to try and keep some level of fitness up. I've got happy dogs, and maybe even a little bit of a tan.

So June - bring it on. Lets see if I can beat my 18 days total from last year. There's even prizes to aim for this time. And I do love some incentive!