Saturday, 13 January 2007

Expectations, 26th November, 2006

This is a classic case of mental being beaten (to a pulp) by physical. I don't think I realised what a hard week I'd given myself when I went out for a run on Saturday (25th). Mentally I thought I was prepared to give 13.2miles a go. I kept planning and re-planning my route. I like to mess with the distances so I'm always having to recalculate (it gives me something to do while running).

I think I planned too much; I think I was too tired. I couldn't really control my pace. I kept trying to slow to around the 11min a mile point and failing. I kept worrying about not being able to do it (quite unlike me). To top it all my shoulder muscles and pecs were aching from the gym and the action of running didn't help matters.

But after all the whinging above I decided to keep it to 10k.








1.05.06 Total (pace about 10.32)

Overall it was a great run and I was happy with it. But I think my indecision was a massive factor in not achieving my goal for the day.

It was my highest mileage week (actual weight bearing running - rather than miles on the elliptical as part of the count) so far though so that's got to be good.

Looking forward to next week. Might manage to run the 5k route I need to do in January... find out how bad the hill really is. Eeeek.


On Sunday just went for a brisk walk with the dogs. They were delighted, it was a great evening. About 1.5miles strolling across the hill.

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