Thursday, 11 January 2007

BIG run (& on a Saturday too), 30th September, 2006

I started everything right today. I had my oatybix, I waited 2 hours and I went for my run. (Yes, yes, there was some hydration involved too.)

My target was to run 5 miles. All training plans will disagree with this - I should have run 4.5m if I am increasing at a sensible 10% or similar. I just couldn't wait. I wanted to REALLY push myself - I've had a light week with 2 5k runs and not much else. I've 'saved' myself for the big run.

I started and it was hard. I chose a route that suits me - but some will find it crazy. I run through the woods on a lightly undulating course (god help me when I ever have to run real hills) for 1.25 miles, then I turn round and run back, then I do it again. I like knowing it\'s broken down into 4 short sections. My longest previous run was 4.1miles (done in the same place just running 1mile out and back x 2).

The first 1.25miles seemed to take forever but my trusty Forerunner said it was really not as slow as it felt. I think I was driven on by knowing that I\'d arrived at 3.50pm and with the new OCTOBER hours (despite it still being September) the car park was due to shut at 5pm. This might have put an extra spring in my step - I was determined that I was going to get this big run done and silly parking rules were not going to prevent me (my own crapness could prevent me - but not parking).

After the first 2.5miles it began to feel a bit better, a bit more of a natural rhythm - even if I had to put water on my head (felt like an idiot) as it was a bit hot. Reaching 3.75 was a real boost, I knew that every step over 4.1miles was further than I'd ever run before. The last section is familiar to me and all the little signs really push me from small section, to small section.

I DID IT - 5 miles in 54.40. I'm so pleased with the time. I know it\'s not fast but I managed to average 5 sub 11min miles in a row. My average speed was 10.56. The splits are a bit buggered-up as I had to put some more laps in so I could turn and tell the Forerunner (which I think needs a name - suggestions please!) I was turning so it didn't gyp me on distance. Splits are approximately 10.33/11.08/10.47/10.56 and then 11.25 - but they are v approximate.

I did my stretches (might need some ice on the ole calves tonight), drank my *shudder* isotonic drink and drove home. When I started running I got 'the other' to drive home as I was always way too knackered.

As a beginner I find reading peoples' blogs a wonderful incentive. If all these people can do it - so can I. Running has to be one of the best ways to physically FEEL the improvement on a week-by-week basis. You don't need to learn any skills. All you need are some shoes and you can go - anywhere.

I have to stop now as I obviously have the evangelical zeal that only appears post run! Ooooo - the Forerunner is model 101 - I think I might call it Orwell. (It does a good line in ministry of misinformation too!)

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