Thursday, 11 January 2007

New routes, new times, 23rd September, 2006

Right, this week progress had to be made. Last weeks dog-escapades hindered me a wee bit. So, First run of the week was a *new route* - ooh, not sure about this. Same forest, same car park. This time you run all the way along a gravelly road to a picnic spot. It's about1.4 miles out there. You can come back along the road -which I did. First and last time doing that route - running along the road with very few markers to judge distance was just really, really dull. I thought it would kill me with boredom.

However a 33min run was probably just under 5k

Then I went to the gym and did some speed work - at the beginning of running I wanted to be able to run a mile in 10min. I thought I might build up to 1.5miles in 15min if I worked really, really hard. So today I thought I'll just set the machine to 6.1miles hour and keep running. With some faster sections and some fast walking I managed 2 miles in 20.05min. I'm really delighted, it was hard work, but the level of progress is what really drives me on.

After a break for a day or two I then went on my LONG run of the week. 4.1miles in 47min. I feel like I've broken the 5k barrier where I felt stuck for a while and also feel like I'm properly progressing towards 10k. It's a long road though.

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