Thursday, 11 January 2007

All the baby steps add up, 10th September, 2006

This week I wanted to get a little bit faster and then try and extend my distance a bit.

First run of the week I ran the whole course again - this time in 27.22.

Next run was for 30min - just increasing time on my feet.

Final run I went for a really big PUSH. 5k. I ran 5k in 36.55!!!! I'm amazed and delighted. I know it wont win any records but it feels like a massive leap forward. It's a real race distance. It's something that can be measured.

All of the above was serious aided by getting a Garmin Forerunner101. This little gps beauty strapped to my arm really helps me to control my pace and also push myself from 2.8 to 3.1miles - when it looks like such a small number I just have to keep going.

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