Saturday, 13 January 2007

*warning - undulating surface*, 23rd November, 2006

*warning - undulating surface*, 23rd November, 2006

Went out today for a run - after a half hour discussion about whether to go to the gym - or go for a run. Decided that it was only fair on the dogs to go for a run.

They hate us, the two little pooches did not want to go; they did not get excited getting into or out of the car. They ran behind us (mentally flicking 'v' signs) and generally behaved like teenagers who were forced to go to Auntie Gladis' 80th rather than the uber-cool party with their mates. We think they might need a rest.

It was only a short run today so I tried to make it quick. I ran through the woods (the old, old way if anyone remembers that far back) which is a wonderfully undulating course. No rise is longer than 3 paces - but it was a fantastically demanding change. The bumps are like ripples in a pool - it's a constant up and down while weaving in and out of trees. It keeps your wits about you and you have to focus on the run, you can't just plod mindlessly.


9.14 - ooooooo fastest mile ever - how exciting ;)



Total: 30.35

Were the splits for 3.1miles.

Average pace was 9.52.

It feels very satisfying to manage to increase my pace but I still prefer going for longer. Hopefully the two will come together. I can't believe I'm still so psyched by running. It's just running ... I'm dumb struck.

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