Friday, 7 May 2010

Busy, busy, but not always productive.

To try and get me back into the swing of this blogging malarkey I'm going with the simple list formula. Since we last communicated I have:

Walked the dogs for 39.4 miles
Run 19 miles (all under 9m/mile though - I'll take that positive)
Done innumerable arm and tummy exercises
Collected a new (to me) car
Attended or hosted 10 social events (yes, I do mean met with friends)
Made lots of things in ceramics, including making cakes for election night
Been to see a Diane Arbus exhibition - thanks HH
Voted - lets see how that turns out!?
Found an NHS Dentist - thanks Tigger. Was told I need a filling. :-(
Hot smoked my own salmon for the first time - v tasty (thanks Dad)
Contracted a nasty chest virus which has stopped me doing v much. Boooo
Worked a fair bit - but not enough.
Lost no more weight - but gained no weight. Again a plateau is better than nothing.

Hope this manages to keep you all caught up. The progress with the flat is slow for reasons I do not understand. I think 'cos the people selling are on behalf on an estate they aren't as desperate to get it done.... but jesus people, lets get this moving!

Generally quite frustrated as the virus just makes me a bit lethargic. Want to go to the gym to make myself feel better, but also know I can't do too much. Might go and give it a go tonight though. Just use the bike and elliptical - nothing too stressful. Got to try though. I'll take it easy.
Still got work to do, and I'm away all day tomorrow - hmmm, it might be a long night.