Saturday, 26 September 2009

Run and Walk and Sleep.

Lovely fast 4 miles on Thursday - but in the gym again as cold and windy. Did 2 sections of 3min at 9% which was bloody hard but managed not to slow down and keep a good 9.15 pace.

No time to let the legs relax as we had a great walk with RF and Dougal-dog on Friday. We finally walk over the big hill at the top of our road. The best possible day for it, amazing stretching views, wonderful sunshine and enough wind to make you feel like the 'summit' was much higher than it really was. 6.5 miles in 3h 15min. Not too shabby given dog distractions.

Even managed to find a geocache too - hidden but spotted by RF - we left snacks... and took tools.

This was after our impromptu plucking and gutting lesson. In return for dog sitting our neighbour (Tay) had left us some very recently shot Grouse... feathers'n'all... luckily Dotty was on hand to make it a simple, if occasionally stinky process to get them 'dressed'.

Today got the house sorted. And seeing everyone tomorrow to celebrate Teech's bday. :-)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Running and other diversions.

So, it's been a while since I blogged about running. But over the last week I've actually gone out (well, to the gym) and used my legs.

Wed. 16th I manage 10K - it's been a good few weeks of recovery since I got round to this sort of distance. I'm using a new setting on the machine. Aerobic 1 - this goes up to 3% in 3 peaks during the time you're running. And only goes down to 0 very briefly twice. This makes me work a good deal harder. I've also been experimenting by going a bit faster.

This 10K was run in 57.43 - and I was pretty pleased. Only problem was no sprint finish as the machine got stuck at 5.5miles at a fixed speed. This really brought all my control issues to the fore. I was not impressed. Hilariously un-impressed for something so insignificant.

Had a lovely meal with RF on the 17th I got to use my FIRST PRIZE for WINNING the MOUSE RACE. Ah, another chance to relive the glory day. V nice to have a lovely meal out and just chill.

The next few days were set aside for some R&R. Then, Friday morning MaYa called and asked if the Island brood could come for the weekend. A resounding YES was issued from all corners and we set to making the house habitable for boys and grown-ups alike. Luckily we'd put aside time for Tescos already as we were feeding the delightful neighbous that evening anyway. Lamb shanks were a success.

Sat eve all descended and the house instantly got that 'loved and brightly coloured' look as lego, feathers, and mini pompoms marched through the library and into the kitchen as the 2 eldest took it upon themselves to make "parrots" and guns, and lego towers and generally make themselves at home - which is just as it should be!

The Islanders had brought us LOBSTER (and cake) so I was delighted with our special supper starter - and TheO did her much loved roast chicken - we also had the remains of the chantarelles and herb pancakes... and some cheese. It was a light meal.

The next day saw us do some quality foraging with the boys who took a little time to warm up, but once they started spotting stuff were delighted by the whole process. It goes much better if you have a special mushroom finding device (long stick) and wee ones who are both closer to the ground, and not short sighted. They then wore me out with hide-and-seek amoungst the bales in the field.

A further trip to Active Kids then wore them out delightfully before their intrepid parents got them fed, washed and into Jammies ready for the trip back to Oban... who says an overnight trip isn't possible!! All left quite content and with a car heavily loaded with mainland supplies. (Although I hear possibly not quite enough bread, milk or meat...)

After flopping in front of the TV for a night we girded our loins for more visitors. Spartan, Blarney and BabyI were all coming up for a day trip. Feels like we haven't seen them in aaaages. Who knew time could pass so damn fast... esp as BabyI is so damn big every time I see her. Can't believe she's almost 4 months already. A good trip to Antique soon commenced and they found a great rug for the living room (I hope it's great - it looked fab in the centre and should look brilliant in their lovely room) - all snuggly and warm for winter.

However this trip -with cake - and the previous few days only added to the food mountain that has been consumed of late. I'm just eating far, far, too much and not really depriving myself ever. Which makes for some great eats, but not for long term happiness. So we went shopping and now the house is filled with healthy, tasty stuff. It's also v v cold all of a sudden which sadly just makes me want to eat more. Must fight this urge with vast quantities of mint tea.

Now my next run was meant to be on Sunday, but visits and family and tiredness all stopped this happening. So Monday night, after the Nitten contingent left we both headed to the gym. I knew if there was any chance of me being fit and ready for the Jedburgh Half at the end of October (oh god will it be cold) I had to keep upping the miles.

Despite only having done one run last week this, the first (lets hope) run of this week was both fast and a little hilly. Back on the running machine (as it forces me to keep pace - although I have to get back outside v v soon) and still on Aerobic 1 setting. I did 7 miles all at 9.13 or faster pace. 7miles in 64.08. Really, v v pleased. This knocks a good 5 min of my last fastest ever 7 miles! I might have pushed it a mm too far as I'm a bit achy and crap (but I'm blaming the cold) - but still delighted to have pushed it. Although I know that my next longish ran HAS TO BE OUTSIDE - outside miles just feel different. And I should really run to the gym and then have a sauna afterwards. But running to the gym involves roads which are far too well used. ... DILEMMA

Ah well, I should just stop procrastinating, take the dogs (including a lovely old back lab who's staying as he's too old and arthritic to go shooting anymore) for a walk, knuckle down to some work and stop feckin winging.

At least I got the whole herb patch weeded yesterday. It breaks my heart to see what a mess it was considering how long it took to clear the first time. But I think I'm seeing the negative side of gardening now - it's all about the maintenance. Good job all the herbs are still living and looking fab. That's something at least. And the clematis has not only climbed about 10ft - it's also flowered, not something I expected in the first year.

More miles to go. Lets hope the weather stays dry.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lists are easier. And some days are great.

Parental visits - 2 ! Shock horror. Not only have my Dad and his wife now visited our place, he actually came and fixed stuff - it's been 10years since he last fixed anything for me... I'm thinking the new wife brings out the parental side.

Food with neighbours - 2

Miles Run - 8 (getting there slowly)

Dog Miles walked - 16+

Beach walks - 1

Meals made by friends - 1
(and damn we're thankful... despite lack of contact)

Possible houses found for friends - 1
(there'll be something wrong with it, but at least it's nice to find a possible-on-paper)

Trees down taking corner of garage and smashing woodpile window - 1

Hours spent moving tree debris - 3.5
Satisfaction at moving all the wood and making a new woodpile - immense

Spa Experiences - 1

Grass Cut - 1
Knackering of Mower - 1
- if the grass is sooo long you can't see the tree stump...

Bottles and jars of foraged Rosehip Syrup made - 3

Whole attitude to housework adjusted and improved - 1

Rings to rule them all - 1

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

So now I'm back, somebody new, not that ....

you get the idea.
Roberta is the only way I could return without feeling shame, SHAME I tell you, for abandoning you all in this month of rain and misery.

Now I'm usually quite stoic about weather, it happens, you can't change it, you just have to live with it; but Jeeesus, it has to stop raining soon. No really, anytime would be fine. Sometime before most of the road and some pieces of the house actually float off would be most appreciated.

Now since the run of greatness (see far below) things took a somewhat pear-shaped turn as my bursitis flared up in my hip and I had to both take break from running and cancel running the Coll Half (it has not been a good year for races this year). This means that I've been trying to do a few bits and pieces so as not to lose the fitness.

Managed to swim 1K in the pool - which isn't tiring at the time, but you feel it a few hours afterwards. Also lots, and lots, and lots of dog walking. Have discovered that if I walk them enough they behave like angels in the evening - it's incredible - and fantastic. Definitely 2 long walks a day from now on... oh well, maybe not in the worst bits of winter...

During this time of blogglessness we had a fab w/end with HH, Teech, Spartan and Blarney who even brought the littlest up to see us for the first time (first time here, not first time seeing) and she behaved like an angel - went to the pub, survived a dinner party and was generally adorable. We were also spoilt by the neighbours who turned up with a rifle on Sunday for some target practice and mushrooms, which HH fell upon with glee.

One of our lovely neighbours also fed us last week. A fantastic 3 course dinner with 2 puddings! How did she know. It was fantastic and we managed to get drunk enough to stumble home very slowly at 1am.

Now TheO is away with HH in Copenhaaaaagen enjoying the finest food known to humanity and I am here, blogging, getting some work done and sorting out some housey stuff. Yesterday was a right-off for various reasons (but I'm blaming the rain) so today is going to be much more organised. Oh yes.