Saturday, 13 January 2007

Gym -K- Nah, 13th December, 2006

What a terrible title.

My usual gym is closed for the annual 4 week Christmas refurb (where they do nothing). So yesterday I headed off to another one - with new machines - terribly exciting.

I plopped myself onto the running machine to get my running for the day done (it was so miserable outside it had to be an 'inside job'). I started and kept hitting the speed-up button. I knew things were going a little crazy when my speed hit 8 and kept having to go UP to find a comfortable rate. My first reaction was, "sod it, this machine's broken". Slowly it dawned on me that the distance was also climbing at an alarming rate. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh kilometres, the penny drops.

It was extremely tough to watch the K's go up, knowing that 2.5 was 1/2 way and not near the end. Also a pain to try and pace my miles. But the result was 5k in 30:13 with some small hills at the beginning and a wonderful flat at the end. It was v hard work and I suddenly appreciated the freezing-ness of the other gym.

Then on to the machines.

The shoulder machine - a revelation - never seen one before, gave an oft ignored part of my anatomy a bit of a work out.

Usual torture on the leg push thing and the tummy machine.

Gave the triceps a punishing too (they've been so lazy recently).

Then used the lateral cross pull machine - that thing is incredible and really hard going. Ooooo look forward to trying it again, it;s nice to do something that feels like it works the whole back.

Merry Christmas people!

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