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Is blogging about running almost as addictive as the running?, 04th October, 2006

Is blogging about running almost as addictive as the running?, 04th October, 2006

Well despite saying these would be condensed weekly updates, I appear to be here again. Today there was no running. That said, there was some gym-work which I'm beginning to see as increasingly important.

I try to make it to the gym once a week to give the muscles (particularly upper-body) a bit more of a bashing than running gives them. The leg press being a real favourite - I'm desperately trying to strengthen the knees, they carry round so much weight and take such a beating when I run I feel that gently building up the muscle should help to fend off any injury. *Imagining the machine as a BIG stick looking mean and moody against a cartoon image of 'injury'.*

It was a 1hour workout. 28mins weight-loss program on the bike. 10k - Ooh to really be able to run a 10k in that time - surely, it must feel like flying. :) The arm, leg, shoulder and TUMMY machines too. Feel nicely exercised without being ready for a slap-up meal and nap - quite a nice feeling.

Being in the gym, in fact, just putting on my running gear now makes me feel like a run, and I miss not having been on my feet desperately trying to go faster. Amazing how quickly ones brain can get psychological triggers.

Now that my places for the Great Winter and Great Edinburgh Runs have been confirmed I'm trying to plan my training and really set myself realistic goals. It was the best feeling in the world to be able to tick the lowest time (in the non-elite sections obviously) for the Great Winter Run. I even kept scrolling up to the top of the page to check it really was the right race length.

In the GWR I ticked 30-35 mins (I can run a 5k in this at the moment and even though the route is hillier than my usual I have 3 months to get used to that.) For the GER I ticked 60-65mins - this is more optimistic as my 5mile time is 54.40 at present - but again, it's in 7 months so I should be able to get a little faster with proper training (and *eeurrghhh* diet).

I really hope people enjoy wandering round my 'training' with me. If there are any suggestions/advice from anyone who's been in my situation please just add a comment. It's always good to hear from fellow runners/joggers/walkers/strollers.

Off to celebrate the GNRunner's Birthday tonight - recently find myself thinking things like, "Oooo, I'll only have one more glass of wine because I don't want it to affect my running tomorrow." Pah!

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