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I DID IT!!!!!!!!!, 05th December, 2006

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!, 05th December, 2006

I did it. I ran 13.1miles - I ran a half-marathon. I'm amazed and, quite frankly, could cry like a baby, if I had the energy. I ran to St. Andrews and then out to the West Sands (then did a big lap round the west sands to use up those pesky extra miles). The course is fairly flat with only a few small rises but definitely more 'rolling' than my legs are used to. Also more hard surfaces than they are used to too.

All the stats:

13.1miles 2:23:39

Average Pace 10:58 (just keeping within my 11min/mile goal)

Best Pace 8:26

Calories - 2041 (whooo hoooooo)











----------- furthest I'd ever run before




1.23 (for 0.1of a mile)

I'm still in lala land. And my legs ache. I've had carrot cake and loads of water but my brain still feels a little fuzzy. Might go and soak under the shower - before soaking in the bath and having a nice nap.

If I can do it, seriously, anyone physically able can get out there and do it. I've been a morbidly obese chain smoker - and now this!

Okay, I do have the post-run evangelical zeal in my eye, but even so. I never imagined running from my home into St. Andrews - it was a long-term goal when I started running, but not one I imagined would be so achievable.

This was my first ever run where I was running from somewhere to somewhere else and it made a massive difference to me. Rather than plotting arbitrary routes through a forest I was actually going somewhere. I could see the town in my sites and it kept getting closer - it was such a great psychological boost.

Going surfing tomorrow for the first time in months - can't wait. Might be a bit stiff - but I don't care. Off to cleanse.

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