Thursday, 11 January 2007

Good Day, 07th November, 2006

Ah, finally. The coffee was delicious, the weather mild, the dogs well behaved. I went for a run, in my usual woods. I thought - I'll run for 4 miles - and I did. After yesterday's seemingly lack-lustre gym workout my arms have reminded me that they aren't too fond of weights (oooh the ache).

4 miles - splits were: (roughly as it was watch timing and miles done by usual landmarks) 10.35/10.55/10.59/11.35 - so 44min total. It might have been slighly more than 4 miles so I'm chuffed with this run. Kept to my distance pace and felt like a decent work-out. My last mile was slow as I started to plan things for the coming weekend (off to London) and before I knew it I was crawling along - my brain is obviously not yet cabpable of both thinking and running.


I'm v v v excited about running next (hopefully tomorrow) as we went SHOPPING and bought some fantastic Nike dri-fit 3/4 tights; a Nike thin grey (with pink swirls) dri-fit long sleeved running top & a brilliant deep fuscia wind resistance top which is sort of fleecy on the front and ordinary at the back. So even when it gets really cold I've got some long sleeved stuff now. Almost want it to get cold immediately so I can wear everything.

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