Saturday, 13 January 2007

Tough today, 23rd December, 2006

For some strange, unknown, reason it was really tough today. First time in months I've thought, "I could just walk for bit." Kept playing mind games with myself saying I was only going to do 5k, then 4 miles, then I finally made it to half way and managed to just push on to the end of the 5 mile stint I'd set myself.

Was just using the watch and a known route today so the splits aren't spot on. Overall a fairly decent run, just a tiny bit slower than the 7miler a few days ago.

5 miles in 50.55 so average of 10:11 a mile






I always want to go faster at each run - bad habit. It's good as it makes me push myself but bad in that sometimes the satisfaction can be lower than I should really feel.

On another note all the xmas shopping (food, tree etc) is now done and tomorrow is left for decorating the house and TREEEEEEEEEEE and lazing around. Possibly a spot of yoga. I went into town today to get the last few things and I expected it to be jam packed (as predicted by finance bods) but it was fairly quiet (usual Saturday really) in comparison. Hope too many small retailers don't have too bad Christmas.

Good running people!

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