Thursday, 11 January 2007

Running off the w/end excess, 14th November, 2006

Ah, back to the running. It felt like a relief to know it was still fun. I'm worried that one day it'll feel really crap, I'll get put off, then I'll leave it a few days; those few days will turn into weeks and suddenly my fitness will vanish and I wont be arsed to get it back. I'll be in a spiralling decline of chocolate and lard...and pizza.

I might just have been in a worrying frame of mind this morning as more and more white hairs stared back at me from the mirror and new wrinkles show themselves daily. But, that aside, the legs still appear to work.

Went to the usual woods with the pooches and ran a good 5 miles in 53.24. Pretty sure it was accurate but it might have been a teeny, weeny little bit short. I was just using a watch and my usual landmarks.

Averaged 10.40 a mile for 5 miles.

Splits were: 10.34 / 10.32 / 9.14 / 10.37 / 12.24

Think I should add about 1.15 to the 9.14 as this was where I estimated my 1/2 way point. But even so that would make it 54.39 which would still be on target for my 'distance' pace.

I'm definitely suited to longer distances as I don't feel now that I 'settle' until after the 2mile point. I don't relax and just run until I've got the first 20min done. Makes 5k feel like a real anti-climax; I've just settled down and then it's all over.

I was delighted with today - it was good to get back into it and be in such a positive frame of mind. After a few days off it was great to run again, I possibly did really need the rest after the 10miler last week.

First time that rest has felt such a positive force for me. Feel like my maintenance run has crept up to five miles. Must remember to do some speed sessions for the 5k - January begins to feel mighty, mighty, close.

It feels good to be back!

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