Thursday, 11 January 2007

Bleeuuurrrghhh, 31st October, 2006

After a joyus recovered from the mystery stomach bug - it randomly reappeared. I'm just a bit fed-up now, I've also had a stonking headache all evening; the pills are just kicking in and I'm off to bed with a good book.

Went for a run anyway (about 2pm - my favourite time) and decided that a mid-length run might be a good idea. So I plodded away for 4 miles. This was a new distance (Normally it's 5k or 10k and not much in between.) and it felt like an achievement as I've not managed a run longer than 5k for 2 weeks; two weeks feels like an eternity now :(

4miles in 48min - I didn't have Orwell so it was estimated (but I knew the route well) but even so, bleeding heck was I disappointed with my time. I know that having had some time off my legs aren't used to it; and I know that not being tip-top makes me a bit slower but it feels like I'm running through treacle at the moment.

I'm just going to go to the gym tomorrow and get some nice conditioning work done. Finally my tummy feels ok - v plain food today must have helped.

Tomorrow should be another lovely bright crisp day where everything will feel better and I can get back to normal. That includes no more moaning on the blog - I'm sure you're all delighted to hear that!

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