Thursday, 11 January 2007

Quick question to ponder, 09th October, 2006

Quick question to ponder, 09th October, 2006

If I can manage a sprint (ie getting up to the massive sprint of 6.21 min/mile) finish does this mean I have too much energy left that I should have used to race faster overall?

I've been thinking about this - that and the fact I need to develop different paces for different race lengths. My 5k pace should be much faster and actually tire me rather than just being a shorter run.

At the moment I'm either running (10.30 - 11.30 pace usually) or not.

Might have to get a long time runner friend to suggest some training tactics before I just end-up running round and round without changing or improving.

Can't really believe only about 10 weeks since I staggered for 1mile on the treadmill that I'm even considering any of this. My only fear is ever being hurt or ill - I never want to have to start running again... I just want to keep running.

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