Thursday, 11 January 2007


I've been writing a blog for about six months and realised that the 'running' aspect of the blog was a really useful diary of improvement/training. However the 'thinking' aspect of the blog didn't really fit in with the realbuzz (where my training blog is 'at home') vibe.

This blog will chart the progress from the first mile to the 1000th mile of training and beyond.
How this affects all aspect of my life should get some kind of mention along the way; although I might forget and just go off on a tangent. Anyone who's tried to run should be able to identify with this meandering journey. I'm as abnormal as the next person, and just as entertaining (be that good or bad). Happy reading and running people.

Cast of characters:
SAM - me
TheOther (TheO) - My "significant other" (bleurgh, horrible description)
Orwell - My Garmin 101 GPS unit (serious personality problems)
Golden Anchor - The Golden Cocker-Spaniel
Evil Black Dog - The Black Cocker Spaniel
Friends - many and various will drift in and out of the blog, they will keep whatever description is given to them on first appearance. Very few are given any names, so far we only have TIGGER and RUNNINGFRIEND (RF)

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