Thursday, 11 January 2007

PB, 16th October, 2006

Today was obviously the right day for me. Temp. was about 15-C which I thought was perfect for running. My thighs didn't hurt when I ran - I can barely believe that the muscles used in going up-hill and in running are so different... why is that?

I set-out with no speed/distance goal in mind (very novel for me). I was going to run for as far as I thought might make a good half way point and come back. The-Other has regularly run past the picnic spot and kept going through the woods to get a longer run out and back. So I ran past the usual picnic spot and at 2.5miles turned round. At this point I had an inkling that 10K might be possible. I got back to the car park at 5.2 miles. Some serious talking to (in my head) decided the point that 1 more mile was 'hardly anything' and I'd be a fool not to get a nice long run out of the way before going on holiday.

I did it - still really chuffed, despite having completed the distance before; I think I now believe it wasn't a fluke. Also I feel better this time - as if it wasn't such hard work, I think the colder weather helps immensely.

6.22 miles (10K) in 1.04.59 - this is 4 and a half minutes faster than my first 10k. I think the 'rest' and the hill walk must have really, really helped. (My 5k time was also a PB at 32.50.)

My splits were:







and 1.54 for the .22miles.

Average speed 10.27. I'm over the moon about my times - it feels like real progress has been made - and that I can do some swimming and short runs in Spain without feeling too guilty.

My 10k previous average speed was 11.13 so I've shaved 48 seconds off! I don't know how any of this happened; I'm not going to question it, over think it or doubt it, I'm just going to enjoy it.

Have a great week!

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