Saturday, 13 January 2007

Now I've been thinking ... 30th December, 2006

All this time not running (but actively cleaning, cooking and running round like the proverbial chicken must count for something!) has led me to thinking. [The three days I've had without a run is the longest for 5 months I've gone without ... will my legs forget what to do?]

I love Nike running stuff BUT it really irked me that when I started to exercise it didn't fit (particularly the tops); and that many exercise brands stop at a size 16 (many stop at a 14). It struck me as silly that the lard-ar$ed among us are encouraged to move our big behinds and do stuff. We often sweat more and expend more effort therefore sports gear that wicks, and doesn't chafe isn't just about looking good - it's about not being in pain.

More thinking though has made me reassess this point. Clothes are one of the things that make larger people feel 'normal'. (I do know what I'm talking about I've been a size 22 at 5'5".) But maybe normal isn't good enough - maybe there should be a cuff-off for many clothing brands based on a rough healthy weight. I still have a stone and a half to lose before I am a healthy BMI - for my height and bone structure this seems to be about right. I'll probably stick within the upper limits of my BMI as I'm quite well muscled and a bit curvy up-top. But why should clothing companies pander to my lard and make me feel like I fit the same clothes as everyone else? Are they helping me to delude myself?

So while I couldn't buy a nicely shaped, fashionable brand I think I should still be able to buy some clothing that works for full on exercise! That gives us something to work out in and something to aspire to - surely the best and healthiest of both worlds. *

*I do know that companies don't really care about BMI or anything except their price-point and the profitability.

Have a great New Year everyone - we're going to party like it's 1915 (in a world where the First World War never occurred, costumes are mandatory and it's kill or be killed!).

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