Thursday, 14 October 2010

Running again

It really does make me feel better.
Today was 3.1 miles (the beloved 5k) in 30.15 which felt a litter better than usual.
Getting there. Improving. Slowly.

Had one of those incredible sleeps where you could sleep forever. But today had important things to get done... a new lead for the gold dog- her squirrel hunting habit has shredded the old one. Hilarious when running and she heads into the undergrowth at high speed.

So, a run, some work done, orders taken; and now off to the British Museum to see 100 objects that define the world. Sounds like heaven when followed by nooodles.

I thought a quick blog was better than nothing. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Monthly update!

If any of you are still reading, congratulations on almost endless patience!

The real news is that I went for a run, a 4 mile run... read it and weep fellow runners... 4 miles. Go me.

The fact I'm so excited about a 4 mile run suggests that I'm still a bit behind on the whole idea of a schedule at the moment. Although, living on the 3rd floor I am generally walking far more than I ever have for the last 10 years. And carrying stuff a lot more too. Not that I really feel any fitter - but then I was fit through running for a while... must get back to that level of fitness.

4miles - 39minutes 9.53/9.31/9.47/9.47

I'm not over the moon that I'm still slow - but this time my 5k time was 30.15 which is about 30 seconds faster than last time; despite it being a pathetic improvement, I'll take it.

Lovely London sums up the last month. Has been great to discover new bits south of the river, and to go and see some shows (BP Portrait Award), enjoy the parks & The Heath.

Also made it to The Island to see the nephews; this was wonderful. A new house to visit and 3 very excited small boys who were DELIGHTED by their modest Go-Go gifts. At first you think, "what is this plastic shite that entices them?"; then you realise that the plastic shite is really cheap. Brilliant. Fresh Mackrel & fantastic beach walks were a real highlight, that, and the company.

First trip to Manchester to see Tigger & Badger. Great, great hosts; incredible food; and a lovely place to put us all up. I think Tigger enjoyed her birthday and HH enjoyed her dress shopping.

After all this madness I'm back in the big smoke, and loving the change. Managed to make my first stock & some soup... if I post again it means it was edible.

Off to grab a drink and rest my aching legs. ('Cos god, they do ache after 4 miles, last time I did that was July 19th.. v shabby.)