Thursday, 11 January 2007

She's Back, 13th November, 2006

Just a quick post to say - I'm back. The dogs are alive, the house is intact and I had a great time.

Instead of an exercise diary of the w/end let me give you a food diary; read this and feel much, much better about whatever you've been eating!

Friday - ate sensibly on the train (took own food) - that evening had a huge, fancy Indian - 2 courses, wine ... the lot. Did go for a 2miles walk though (super-slow tourist pace).

Saturday - lunch was dim sum ~ thank got for low fat Chinese dumplings. Evening was a wonderful and huge roast cooked by my brother-in-law. It was delicious especially when finished with individual tarts (and ice cream). Walked for miles round Canary Warf - nothing like a bit of window shopping.

However - I went for a 33min run on Saturday - MapMyRun tells me it was 2.5 miles so it was super-easy pace. I can image this as I was running underneath the London Eye and trying to get through people was a complete nightmare. But it's better than nothing. London runners were wonderfully friendly: everyone nodded or smiled and one bloke spoke about how crowded it was before he sped past me. It was a really great experiance, the views were amazing (even if the traffic fumes made me feel like I'd smoked 20 fags).

Sunday - well, despite Saturday night, Sunday was Roast Beef at a hotel. Then Vietnamese take-away in the evening - can anyone say STUFFED!

Monday - Out for a delicious full-english at a little cafe and some wonderful Upper Crust baguette on the train (and crisps, and brownies).

I'm off to weigh myself and bemoan my complete lack of activity. Despite never trying to I seem to fit in one easy week per month by accident. I'm sure it's done nothing but good for my running and as weight can go up - it can also go down.

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