Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Smug, and aching.

Alright, maybe not actually smug - but definitely damn happy. V damn happy. A 7 mile run yesterday! (I've not run 7 miles since the terrible, horrible, [bird]flu infested Jedburgh Half about 18 months ago.)

It was wonderful. And strangely I do feel as if I could have run further. I also then did a full (for me) gym session afterwards.

And, on entering the gym, I requested a "torture session" with the mad bloke who makes people weep. So that's my Thursday morning sorted. Pain and tears. Lovely. Also free (apart from gym entry).

Now I do ache a little bit, it's more muscular than running related... if you know what I mean. The legs seems fine, but the arms are complaining slightly. However, I definitely need to do more on the arms, particularly if I'm ever to look even close to alright in a bridesmaids dress.

Ah, the bridesmaids dresses - we will get there, we must. And there is still LOADS of time, but we've not managed a second swipe at the shops yet. And life proceeds to get more complicated for all involved.

I'm still managing to keep on top of work; and on top of exercise despite a stressful few weeks. This was necessary not only as stress relief, but also as I just kept eating... no really, loads. So I've got a fair few pounds to run off (again). God I make myself angry. Ah well, all done now, just have to get back to it.

So there was a quick dash up the seat on the 4th - 30.35 for 5K. (Dog also grateful for superior speed leg-stretch.) I do love running outside but I just need to put some effort into finding routes I'm happy and confident with. I hate having to stop at lights etc, but also hate feeling too isolated... suggestions welcome.

Gym Stats: (these are really for me, not for reading with glee - but they made a good place to keep notes of progress etc).

Most exciting bit is that it was my fastest 7 miles ever. And I was on hill setting 8 (out of 15, so not mountains,but it does go up to 6.4% regularly)!

7 miles (hill setting 8) 1.03.29 - 944 calories

Waist making machine 55Kg 3 sets of 12. Now this was properly hard, I think I should leave it on this setting for a wee bit. Finally worked up to where it's a killer.

Triceps - 6kg weight - 3 sets of 12 - now here I finally need to go up a weight... but I think my only option is up to 8kg... this might be a killer initially, but 6kg is finally too light.

Seated Delt Row 25kg 3 sets 12... could go heavier (but don't want to)

Leg lifts (on the weird blue ball back thing) 24 with straight legs

Lateral Pull 26Kg 3 sets of 12 - all in front of body and my 'form' was shocking... but I was doing this last and was bloody knackered by this point.


Got home to discover an incredible dinner cooked for me. AND a very tidy and clean kitchen and dining room, ready to sit down and enjoy it in. Made me very, very happy.

Also discovered that I had a film we both wanted to see *shock* - so The Departed was enjoyed immensely. Then a very, very, deep sleep.