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Tale of the little golden anchor,03rd October, 2006

Tale of the little golden anchor,03rd October, 2006

Today I ran the 5k course (carefully measured by Orwell at the w/end). I took with me the golden cocker-spaniel, on the super-light running lead.

Last time I took her out she was fine. Today she made it perfectly clear that she did NOT WANT TO BE ON A RUN. I had to keep pulling her along for the first 1.5miles. I also had to stop so she could go to the loo (despite having walked a section first - to let nature takes it course - which it had done!). This really cheesed me off today as I was trying to do the 5k course in a fast-ish (for me obv.) time. I'd decided not to take a water bottle as I realised for the shorter runs it's not necessary; I was trying to streamline my run - very difficult with the little golden anchor dragging me back.

I knew at the half-way point that things were going s.l.o.w.l.y.

By the time I got to the end I felt more frustrated and tired than on the long run at the w/end. This might be the first time I haven't matched or exceeded my expectations and it pissed me off. However, it makes me determined to do better next time. Hopefully it's just one of those things that comes around; be it the weather, or the time of the month, who knows?

Ah, the freezing cold gym calls tomorrow. Maybe a v short speed session and some weights might bring me back up to form.

In more positive news I called SHELTER this morning and told them that I'd applied to run on their behalf in the 2 races - they were lovely (not surprising - but made a great start to the day) and they're going to send out the running pack and running vest. It makes it all official - and makes me smile.

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