Thursday, 11 January 2007

Week One: Revenge of the flab, 08th August 2006

Wow - shocked at how hard running can be. Thought 1mile would be easy - but as I'm bright red and knackered I must have been so wrong.

Those damn ads. on the BBC for run 1 mile for sportrelief made me think, they also made me complacent. I just assumed, even in my lardy state, that I could do it.

Of course, I could do it - just not how I imagined. When I ran I went fast - between 7 and 8 mph - then I had to fast walk bits, then I ran fast again. It was really hard work but felt quite natural.

In the first week speed was all I could think about - I just wanted to get 1mile done in 10min. It seems like an impossible task. But after a week I've shaved a few minutes off and my mile is now about 12-13min.

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