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Taking it nice and gently, 05th October, 2006

aking it nice and gently, 05th October, 2006

A nice little run today. Ran with 'the other' - first time we've really tried that. The dogs were delighted! It was successful in that be both came back alive (just) and it encouraged both of us to mix up our pace. However, we probably wont run together again... read into that what you will.

Took the picnic/5k route and started promisingly - mile one 10.37 (fastest mile in the real world!), mile 2 10.45 (second fastest mile in the real world!!) - mile 3... here we enter the hell of running with a dog. This time, not the little-golden-anchor, but the bad-black. She dived into the stream from the edge of the bridge (not in any way dangerous, it's just a puddle really and it's only about a metre from the bridge to the water) thus tangling her lead round the bridge. I had to jog on the spot and untie it. Once I manage this I discovered she had gone under a hidden pipe and tied the lead round that.... grrrrrrr, all 'best-time ever' thoughts had to be abandoned. From there we took a more sedate pace to the finish - the final 1.1miles taking a dog-filled 13.58.

Orwell let me down today - had I not previously run and walked the route (carefully noting distances) I would have assumed we had only gone 2.9miles. Luckily I was checking our route and through the thickest part of the woods we suddenly went from 2.6miles to 2.4miles whilst still moving forwards. It's soooo frustrating.

I hope all your runs and training went well today - it's a bit colder here, and despite suddenly desiring more than a running vest and thin jacket - I'm loving the cold, makes the running feel so much more refreshing.

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