Thursday, 11 January 2007

******* hills, 15th November, 2006

Insert your own expletive,

Hills suck, they really, really, suck.

My run today was 2.8 miles in 30min.

It was both short and involved a lot of walking.

Ran 0.6

Walked 0.1

Ran 1.6

Walked 0.2

Ran 0.2

It was just too steep - my muscles don't mind but my lungs just give up on me. On the flat it can feel like wings are on my heels ... on the slant it reminds me of my vast lard and why gravity hates me.

I'm going to have to get used to the hills though (and it will be useful) as there's been some "business restructuring" done chez moi. After the summer rush (I'm a craftsperson handmaking silver jewellery - Lucklaw Silver) the business took a mini back-seat as I ran, dog walked, went away and generally had too much fun. Now it's a return to structured days (shudder), getting-up early, and working my **** off.

No matter what - the running stays. I've just got to fit it in now rather than luxuriate over it.

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