Thursday, 11 January 2007

The sweet smell of ... sweat, 31st October, 2006

Finally I feel a bit more back-on-track. Today I shunned the lovely autumnal weather (and dog walk with TheOther, who is still sulking nextdoor), put on Radio4, and slogged away on the elliptical machine.

The bad news is that the distance and calorie counters registered zero for the whole run. The good news is that the course I chose - INTERVAL ranging from 4-10 in resistance, for 60min did what it said on the tin. I could rage on about how frustrating it is not to know the distance etc etc but who cares? My point today was to sweat bucket load and feel like I'd worked out - job done!

It's the longest I've ever used any machine for - I think my previous best was 40min. I'm really chuffed and my body loved the change of pace (something with more gradient than a snooker table). I was desperate to push myself after indulging in a full breakfast (not a greasy one though). A return to real food and my one-a-day coffee habit have returned me to being the ray of sunshine (cough, cough) my nearest and dearest are used to.

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