Thursday, 11 January 2007

Running - mental and physical, 04th November, 2006

Having got up early to make breakfast for some friends I'm knackered and will probably not run today (but who knows... the desire might hit me).

I just wondered, in a nosey way, what do people think about when they run? And (as a sub question) does listening to music make you more, or less, thoughtful?

My own response is to run without music. I like hearing nature around me, my own breathing (listening to it helps me control it), and knowing if people on bikes are coming up behind me. I've never tried running with music as it just doesn't appeal but I know lots of people who feel completely lost without their ipod/mp3.

As to what I think about - I've tried to remember, even just after a run I've tried to recall. It seems to be a bit of a dream state for me where I must think about some things but as soon as I stop running I have no idea what they were. I also know that all too often I'm thinking about the distance and calculating how far/long I have left to go. I'm counting paces, I'm considering how my feet/knees/lungs feel at any given moment.

Running has a weird meditation like affect on me. It really calms my brain down and lets me be mentally blank for a bit. Being so tired today and not having had a good sleep for 2 nights made me realise that my running isn't just about the exercise, it's also about the mental quiet.

That said I know so many people who would say that running was indeed mental - and not in a good way!

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