Thursday, 11 January 2007

Last Run Pre Holiday, 18th October, 2006

After the wonders of Monday today was a nice short run. Orwell was with TheOther and was telling lies AGAIN... are all Garmins (Garmine?) a bit temperamental? And, why does it work for me - but not them - and then why do I (all too often) get the blame?!

However, lies and statistics aside, ran to the picnic spot and back down the road. Can't believe I now choose a dull road to run down rather than through the woods - the desire for speed and ease is definitely overtaking me. Was chasing TheOther for the first 1.5miles so my time reflects this: 13.36! The whole run was taken at a higher tempo speed and I think it was 5k in 29.46 which is brilliant for me. I suspect however that it was just under 5k in reality, but I don't know if that is just because I'm a pessimist at heart.

Excited and nervous about going away - there's going to be 16 of us, a mixture of friends and family, and 3 generations. At least I can go for a run if it gets too crazy... that's the plan anyway (and we're in the hills so I can start my hill training... uuurgggghhhh). I will not be able to blog, but I'll keep a note of all exercise done and fill you in on my return.

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