Thursday, 11 January 2007

Gym-tastic, 16th November, 2006

Back to the gym today. Feels like it's been forever- it was a delight to get myself reacquainted with the running machine (where there is no aircon and you swealter) then the weights (where the aircon is set to arctic temps and you freeeeeeze).

Did 5k in 31.15 - so I'm calling that my speed session for the week. It was exceptionally hard and I sweated buckets - to the extent that when I stopped a woman on the elliptical said, "oohhh, you deserve a sit down now".

Average 10.25 speedwise which is hardly sprightly given that it appears to be identical to my distance pace - what's that about? I did finally set the machine on 1 for the incline rather than just running on the flat. Think my calves could feel the difference.

Then the weights which always make me feel good. The leg press to work those inner thighs and to keep my supporting knee muscles in shape. The tummy machine :) Some work on my triceps (try and tighten-up those bingo wings) and the chest-press thing - 'cos I feel I should.

Total: 31.15 running and 20min weights.

Was out for dinner last night - and have to (poor me!) go out for dinner again tonight... have to do something to burn these calories.

If I read back over these posts I can recall not being able to run for 20min. One day, I'm sure, it'll be the same for running up those pesky hills!

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