Monday, 15 January 2007

The beast awakens

Competitive Spirit. The desire to "win" (even if you're only competing against your own time).

I never thought of myself as a competitive person. I would willingly laugh in defeat at many, many games. I don't really get riled up over games. Well, I do, but nothing compared to the bunch of overly competitive freaks I like to call friends.

The damn obsession with running has changed all that.
It might not be *just* the running. The running and a sensible diet has reduced my weight (a bit, but not quite enough). As fat goes so does all the namby-pamby oestragen that it carries. As the physical activity has increased so has the competitive spirit. Now I want to beat myself ... let me rephrase: I have a strong desire to keep bettering my time/distance. I feel a certain fire on trying to go further and faster.

This new spirit is not only desperately attractive to TheO (who I feel might have seen me as a touch too namby-pamby in the past); but seems to improve my drive in regards to work too. I want to feel the same sense of achievement I get through running in all areas of my life now.

With that in mind, it's been 2 days since my last run and I'm getting twitchy. Might have to go out and stretch those legs tomorrow.

Some of this is not just competition, some is the desire to confound people's expectations.
Hmm, TheO recently said I was, "a bit like a 14yr old" recently. When asked to explain further, "well, you still think, to a certain extent, that the world revolves around you and that people care what you do/don't do". I wonder if this is how all bloggers end-up being described by someone?

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