Thursday, 11 January 2007

New week - new pace!, 21st November, 2006

After the rest and lethargy of last week I failed to start this week with a bang. So, Tuesday is now the 'fresh start' day. All of last week appears to have been caused by PMT ... but that aside.

Finally went for a long run - only 13 days after the last one (lazy bones that I am), and did not even attempt to extend my long run (10miles) but decided that anything over 10k would be fine. I had an appropriate brekkie and eventually headed for the woods. (With TheOther, and the dogs this time.)

I think my pace has improved. (Huge grin here.) I did 8 miles in 81.29 or 1h 21min 29sec for those who think in hours not minutes (I may have rewired my brain to only think in minutes). My average pace was 10.11 and all miles were sub 10:30 and 5/8 were sub 10:15. I now have a new distance pace to keep to (sub 10:30... but fast heading towards sub 10!!!!!!!!!!).

Splits were:




----------5k time was 31.05




------------- 10k time was 1.02.34



Warning!! Garmin rant:

I think I might have managed to make the last mile a few seconds quicker had Orwell (the Garmin101) not managed to pi$$ me off so mightily. It went from 7.8 to 7.6 then to 7.84 and kept saying "weak GPS signal" - luckily I'd run out for 4 miles and could remember where I started so I didn't need it's ridiculous confirmation. But even thought I knew all this I still slowed down and held it above my head as it desperately tried to find a signal somewhere it's never failed to find a signal before. Damn thing!

But, the GPS aside, the run was brilliant. I felt like I really pushed myself and enjoyed it simultaneously. The pooch was running well and only occasionally tried to trip me up. I think - although I'm going to have to check back all my notes - that this 8 miler also included my fastest ever 10K.

I'm going to watch the footie and celebrate with steak and a cider tonight. XX

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