Saturday, 13 January 2007

What a week. 08th December, 2006

Aww people, this is just getting silly. I'm so ridiculously buzzed I'm going to start making people sick; then you'll stop reading, then I'll get depressed, the running will go down hill - then you'll start reading again, the running will improve, and the hamster wheel will continue to turn. (Might be a little light headed....)

First run after the 1/2 today. Decided to make it a short one. Started well so decided on the hoof it might as well be a speed session. It was all on the flat though - thought I'd be kind to the legs.

5K in 28.50





Three stonkingly sub-10min miles and I've taken 1.02 off my previous best-ever time for 5K. (Early November for those who care.)

I don't know what happened to me this week but it feels like a real breakthrough. I feel like I can confidently call myself a runner. I've confounded the expectations of friends, and to be honest, expectations of myself too.

The knowledge that I managed to complete a 1/2 makes me feel somewhat invincible: like I can't be knocked for the extra weight I'm still trying to shift, like I'm using my body to it's full potential and it feels amazing, like I've transformed myself in some subtle way that TheOther has noticed and friends are beginning to catch on to. (Some waffle to do with inner confidence.)

The confidence that comes from setting yourself goals and achieving them (in any field) cannot be bettered. Whatever you're doing this w/end set yourself a goal (anything from that long extended run, a faster paced session, or just getting the damn Christmas cards done) and bask in the glory of completion, revel in pushing yourself just that little bit.

Friday sermon is over now folks, I'll remove myself from the 'running pulpit' where I love to hang out and let you get back to your respective Fridays.

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