Monday, 5 February 2007

Before I get on with some work today I've got to wax lyrical about the weekend.
This weekend should go down in history as one of the BEST EVER.

Friday a whole bunch of friends came up and belatedly celebrated by bday. This obviously involved gifts and was generally wonderful. We had oriental banquet which was damn good fun to cook. (From a running perspective gifts included some 1000 mile socks - which I've tried and are amazing, and a wrist cuff which not only stones key/cash but has a flashing light on it for darker runs - brilliant!)

Saturday a few more stragglers joined us and we went Clay Pigeon Shooting for the first time ever. Apart from the first shot when the gun kicked the crap out of me it was the most fun you can have while standing up. (My view of this might be aided by the fact that for some unknown reason I rocked at it.) TheOther and I came top of our respective teams so there was some hidden and ridiculous coupley pride going on. We returned home to have tea with cakes and mini sandwiches and huge pots of tea.

Sunday morning went for a run, ran with jewellery girl (she loves unusual jewellery and statement pieces) for the first time. She was lovely to run with as she is faster than me and pushed me but was happy to slow her pace when she saw I might be dropping back a little (blessssss).

The run was:
10k at the usual woods.

pace 9.28
calories 792


Total: 58:43 - best time ever.....

previous best 1.01.08
so 2min 25seconds off previous best (which was Dec 21nd).

Am delighted with this run (particularly as I don't feel bad this morning either) as I've finally cracked that one hour barrier for 10k. But I do know that where I run is on the flat and any hills quickly eat up those extra seconds.

Recovery was a huge roast Sunday lunch before everyone headed home. Blissful.

Arrgg, have to get off to work now as Valentine's is coming up and there's stuff to be made.

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