Thursday, 11 January 2007

Gym, Gym, Gyrree, 11th October, 2006

This blogging thing is a great way to keep your motivation up, especially when other people lend a helpful word.

Today - it's Wednesday so that tends to mean Gym Day (trumpets sound). I don't want my training to become too set but I really like doing the gym work in the middle of the week - my muscles seem to get the most out of it.

A nice 15min interval course on the bike. Covered 5k and pretended that bike-interval work was almost comparable with hill running. ;-) Followed that up with a 20min weights work - nice, sensible 12 x 3 repetitions of weights which worked me hard but didn't hurt. (Apart from the tummy machine where I do many, many more ... it's silly and psychological but it makes me feel better.) I think the weights felt easier today and I felt more focused - all round a good short session.

I'm a little concerned about my run tomorrow as the weather here really, really, sucks. There were branches down all over the place and some of the phone lines were down too. I might need all the motivation in the world to actually get out there. I could also just stay home and use the cross-trainer... never a good sign when I'm coming up with excuses before it's even happened.

Hope it's not thick fog, pouring rain and biting wind where you are!

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