Saturday, 20 January 2007

Not out of the woods yet (never even made it to the damn woods)

*And Exhale*

That's how it feels today. Woke late (as usual) but after a rubbish sleep - I blame the lack of exercise recently. And knew that today I had to get the catalogue finished, and everything packed so I can go to Glasgae tomorrow. The trade fair cometh and my spirits wane somewhat.

Never mind, now I get to chill out for 4 days and try and convince people to stock loads of my stuff in their lovely, lovely shops. (Well, that's the hope anyway. If that fails I'll stuff myself on the free food, feel rubbish and gentle bang my head against the wall until the nice men come to take me away.)

Enough of that rubbish, you people came her for a running blog. So, I never made it to the woods; but I did haul my arse upstairs and punish my idle bones on the elliptical machine.

Setting was very gentle rolling - mostly on 3 (out of 14) but occasionally up to 5.

5K in 27.14 DELIGHTED!

Splits were:
0.1 mile in 0.45 seconds

This takes 1min 34seconds off my previous best ever for 5k. (But that was on the road and weight bearing ... I don't think I could do today's time in real life, only on the elliptical.)

Really helped at the end that TheO came up and said, "you're not really trying, honestly, put some effort in" - they were only joking but it had the desired effect.

Apart from feeling like it was the most successful run ever the lovely, lovely, druggy endorphins kicked in and I felt much more human again. TheO has been wonderful today, made lovely food, gone shopping helped me to insert business cards into tiny little paper corner things; pah! not looking forward to going away now.

Might get a quick "real run" fitted in tomorrow before I go away ... for days. You wont hear from me until Wednesday - unless I find an Internet cafe somewhere!

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