Saturday, 13 January 2007

City Running *1 ,04th December, 2006

Hello, hello. I'm back. This is my update of the runs in Edinburgh.

My first evening run after a hard days graft (selling your own wares is very stressful, honest). Ran along well-lit roads past too many pubs with clouds of smokers outside... grrrr v. irritating - even as an ex-smoker.

It was a hard route as I had to deal with real world hills (those gentle rise things that last for 1/2 a mile or more; they don't look like much but my legs can feel them). Also had to deal with real world idiots. Ok, I call them idiots but it was really quite funny:

There I was running along, in my own world, about to reach the half-way point. Suddenly right behind my head there's the sound of really loud thunder (at least, that was my little brain's interpretation). In actuality 2 guys had coasted their car behind me, one had leaned out and applauded right behind my head. I scare easily and leapt in the air and squealled like the girlie I try not to be. They sped off laughing so hard the car rocked and waving. My heart began to return to its knackered rate.

So, bearing in mind the hills and traffic lights. Run was as follows:

6.5 miles in 1.10.00 averaging 10.50 p/m








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