Saturday, 13 January 2007

Motivation, 05th December, 2006

I'm lacking it today. I want to go for a looooooonnnnnnggggggg run but I'm a bit tired. How feeble does that sound?

However I take one look at the lovely RNLI running top and tshirt and know that I should get out there. It's a bit grey but nothing to actually stop me. I've had my porridge. TheOther has semi-volunteered to come and pick me up if I decide to stop somewhere that's not home.

*big sigh* There are just somedays when the mind and body aren't that willing. Nevermind - just a bit more water, and changing into the running gear will get me set - surely.

Oh, and another thing (not procrastinating, honest) I was speaking to a runner friend recently and talk about "people's perception" of you. We were chatting about the Great Winter Run which is round Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. The race is only 5k but I was questioning him about the hill, the infamous hill. It's big and he was telling me about the hideousness. Then he said (and he's not normally a patronising bloke - he teaches kids how to be fit and stuff s is big on encouragement) "you should make it round". Now I was too flaberghasted to reply but... WTF... I know he doesn't read my training blog but ... oh it's so frustrating when people expect you still to be the unfit, lard-arsed, blog you were 6 months ago. Never mind, I'm sure he meant it in an encouraging way. Makes me more determind not to be foiled by the hill (which only scares me a little - it appears to be about 1 mile of the 3 mile course, and to have a super steep bit on the final section of that mile - damn it).

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