Saturday, 13 January 2007

Trial Run, 07th January, 2007

Ah! Today was the day. A trial run with friends round Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh (with the thousands of others obviously running their xmas excess away).

OH MY GOD! The HILL is not to be underestimated. It sucks the life and energy from your very bones! Had I not been running with my lovely running friend who managed to point out, "once you get to that bench it's all down hill" I might have stopped... and walked... a lot.
I'd love to tell you all how long the hill is - I think it's about 1.2K but the damndamndamn GPS battery went about 500m into the run!!!!!!! It doesn't seem too bad but just at the point you want it to end it gets much steeper and I was gasping by the top. The run down is amazing though, still hard work but all down hill. And a lovely view to boot!

So due to the GPS dying I don't know what my time was - my helpful friend said it was "about half an hour". Unfortunately she doesn't realise I NEED TO KNOW if it was 29:50 or 30:28 ... it would be great to have a time to beat next week, something concrete to aim for. However I am happy to settle for about 30min and get my chip time as just under 30mins.

A few gentle runs this week and some serious hill work.

Good running people!

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